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About The Committee

The committee is comprised of:

Abbie Riede, Chair
Allie Riede, Treasurer & Creative Director
Joshua Vincent, Tax Policy Advisor
Abe Haupt, Liaison to the Realtor Association
Frank & Nicole Seidel, Political Advisors

About Herbert L. Riede

Herb Riede is a 39 year old Programmer Analyst with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology - Software from Western Governors University. He is industry certified in various techologies by Microsoft, Oracle, COMPTIA and CIW. Herb also holds certificates from FEMA courses and has completed leadership training through Harrisburg Community College and training for newly elected officials through the Boroughs Association.

Mom & Dad
Herb Riede was born in Erie, PA on January 8, 1978 to parents Herbert D. and Janet S. Riede. During the 80's, the Riede's typically lived their summers in the Erie area and their winters in Las Vegas, NV.

Herb's father, a WWII Veteran who brought H&R Block to Northwest Pennsylvania and did taxes decades ago for many people in the Meadville area, died in February of 1990. 12 year-old "Herbie" and his mother coped with the loss through the support of family.

Always Interested in Data Analysis
Inspired by his late brother David, Herb has always had an affinity for programming computers. From his first computer at age 4 to the present, he has always looked to design programs to make things easier to use, have fun with, or try new ideas.

Herb was even published at age 14 in the December 1993 Issue of PCM Magazine with a program and accompanying article, "Everything's Coming up Suns..." for the sum of $50.

Meadville in the 90's
Herb lived in Meadville in the mid and late 90's and graduated from the Crawford Central School District in 1996. He opened a computer store in the Downtown Mall at the age of 19 called "HLR Computers" that lasted one holiday season before commuting to Edinboro University with a Major in Elementary Education and intended minor of Computer Science.

Herb's daughters Allie and Abbie were born in 1999 over ten weeks early and supporting children became a priority, requiring Herb to become Network Administrator at Meadville-based Primestar/Dish Network affiliate First Express.

A Dot-Com in Florida 
In April of 2000, one of Herb's pieces of software caught the eye of the founders of a Florida dot-com. The software made their site easier to use and added many options, and by July, Herb was flown to the company's Boca Raton, FL headquarters to complete development of the program. While there, he was offered a position as Computer Programmer/Web Developer, a position that lasted until the "dot-com bust" caused the company to let all of its developer staff go.

While in Southern Florida during the 2000 elections, living in Broward and working in Palm Beach County, Herb's voter registration form was mishandled by elections division personnel. Despite complaints, and receiving a notice of "late registration" two weeks before the Presidential Election, Herb was denied the right to vote for Al Gore.

Back in Pennsylvania 
After receiving one of the infamous dot-com pink-slip notices in July of 2001, Herb searched online job repositories for any available work, and applied to many different companies in many locations. One in particular of interest to Herb, as it would be "back home" in Pennsylvania, was at McSherrystown, Pennsylvania's Boyds Collection. Herb was hired as the company's Web Developer in August of 2001.

Borough Council Years
While in McSherrystown, Herb was elected in 2003 to Borough Council as well as being elected the first President of the Young Democrats of Adams County, leading up to Correspondence Secretary of the (state-wide) Pennsylvania Young Democrats, and being appointed to the Executive Committee of the Adams County Democratic Party Committee and serving as the Media Director of the Draft Gore 2004 PAC. Herb was also involved in the Dean for America Campaign and assisted local candidates in their efforts. 

While on Council, Herb served on the Highway Committee and wrote legislation to implement a Junior Council Position that is encouraged by the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs. 

Skill Building
In order to improve his constituent service skills, Herb attended a class called "Leadership Adams Hanover" which included a community service component, which Herb took the lead on lobbying the Borough of Gettysburg to implement, in perpetuity, the Character Counts! Week program within the community in order to integrate the Character education of the local school district with the community. Herb also attended FEMA training and took other FEMA training online regarding incidents. Herb regularly attended and won a humorous speech competition at the Hanover Toastmasters group.

Mayoral Years
Herb was then endorsed by the outgoing late Mayor Cyril Noel in 2005 and won a contested primary handily. As Mayor of McSherrystown, he responded to the emergency operations center during a severe storm that required a visit by PEMA, reviewed and signed budgets passed by council, oversaw the police department, and performed civil marriage ceremonies.

Herb also served two terms as President of the Adams County Boroughs Association and was named to the county transportation thirty-year plan update committee.

Herb was a social member of the McSherrystown volunteer fire department (right before it became S.A.V.E.S.) and was a strong supporter of the effort the five local volunteer fire departments were lobbying the municipalities for support through a guarantee on a loan the combined department needed, to the point that a tie vote on council resulted in a Mayoral vote in the fire company's favor. This vote was annulled and re-voted in order to avoid having this contentious result in the record (despite having reporters from The Evening Sun and The Gettysburg Times and virtually the entire leadership of the Fire Department in the room).

Back in Meadville
The Volunteer Fire Department in McSherrystown responded within seconds when Herb's mother suffered a stroke one morning in 2008. Combined with other ailing family members home in Northwest Pennsylvania, the decision was proposed and approved by Herb's employer to work from "Home" in Meadville, and he moved back in 2009.

Back in Politics
Herb has focused on family matters since moving back to Meadville since 2009. He has dabbled by winning a position as Per Capita Tax Assessor by voting for himself in 2011, and running as a party-appointed candidate in 2013 for school board in a short-cycle special election. 

Abbie Riede is the Campaign Manager of the Vote Herb Riede Committee. She is a Senior at Meadville Area Senior High School. She has been accepted to attend the University of Pittsburgh at Titusville and intends to pursue a Nursing degree.

Allie Riede is the Media Director of the Vote Herb Riede Committee. She is also a Senior at Meadville Area Senior High School. She has been accepted to attend Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and intends to pursue a degree related to the Cinema and Animation industries.

Fiance - Lisa Fralick is the Treasurer of the Vote Herb Riede Committee. She holds a Bachelors of Early Childhood Education from Ashford University. 

Sons - Seth Bliss and Herbie Riede are 11 and 4. They are the younger children of Herb and Lisa and are mentioned for informational purposes.

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