Democratic Freedom Caucus Endorses Herb Riede for Meadville City Council

Released at: June 20, 2017
Contact: Herbert Riede

Democratic Freedom CaucusThe Democratic Freedom Caucus (DFC) has endorsed Herb Riede for City Council in Meadville, PA.

"Herb Riede is in favor of the kind of tax reform the DFC advocates, as described in the DFC Principles and Platform," opened the national endorsement posted by Mike O'Mara, the group's Pennsylvania chair.

The DFC is a caucus in the Democratic Party, promoting the values that the Democratic Party was founded upon: individual liberty, constitutional democracy, and social responsibility. It has endorsed candidates for Congress, state Treasurer and in 2008 endorsed then New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson for President.

"I am proud to receive the endorsement by a group focused on personal liberties while dedicated to shared responsibility," state Herb Riede while accepting the endorsement, "I am glad that more people have recognized that the tax reforms in my plan would bring Meadville out of the 1950s and is attractive to anyone who wants to shift away from taxing the things we make."

The DFC advocates freedom-oriented policies, which go beyond left and right: promoting the public interest rather than favoritism to special interests; building-in incentives for improving the quality and efficiency of public services; upholding civil liberties; and equal freedom for everyone, which is essential for human progress.

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