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Welcome to the homepage of Herb Riede.

Don't expect much here to be updated frequently!

FUN STUFF: I am involved in Twitter and YouTube Philanthropy as an Executive Producer of “Mr. Humanity”.

Check that out here:

REAL LIFE: Besides a traditional desk job during the day, My fiancé and I own a computer store in rural Union City, PA called “Rabid Nerd”.

See that here:

PARENTING: Together we have four children and one granddaughter.

POLITICS/GOVERNMENT: I have held three different elected offices (Council, Mayor and Tax Assessor), and travelled to New Hampshire, San Francisco, DC and every corner of Pennsylvania many times for politics.

POKER: I have won numerous live poker tournaments including in Atlantic City.

If you're inclined, I always know someone in need. My Cash App is $HerbRiede.

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