Where is Summer Going?


My twin daughters Allie and Abbie graduated this year from MASH (Meadville Area Senior High School) and are attending Edinboro University and University of Pittsburgh at Titusville, respectively.

So I took much of June and July to spend time after the primary to heal more from my March eye surgeries and spend some time with the girls before they move out here during Fair Week.


Many people ask me, "Why are you running?" 

I'm running partially to adjust to empty nest syndrome, partially because I have six years under my belt in council and as a Mayor of another Pennsylvania town (See 2003 Photo, Right), and because I believe I can provide a unique point of view to council, as I would be the only candidate around the "median" for things like age and income, not far above on both counts.

I do have my views on many issues, which I'll share here and there between now and the election. If you have any particular questions, feel free to post, message me on Facebook or Twitter, or call or text me on my cell phone.

I am an IT professional, also known as a "Computer Guy", I started programming computers since I was 5 with my dad. I've worked as a "Social Media Expert" in marketing, a "Database Administrator and Analyst", a "Computer Programmer", and a "Web Developer". I'm basically a well-rounded "Nerd" who needs to focus on massive amounts of financial data day in and day out and is responsible for that data being accurate - from reports for executives to tracking shipping and calculating sales tax on consumer websites.

I believe this kind of in-depth experience is incredibly rare in Government and having an obsession for accuracy and logic is something we need to apply to our decision making. 

I hope to earn your vote in November and look forward to being your next City Councillor.


Herbert L. Riede

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